Terms and Conditions

1. The “Imagining Decolonised Cities” urban design challenge is open to entries from across New Zealand. Entrants are not restricted by age or experience. The competition is open to both individuals and teams of up to 4 members. Members of the judging panel; the competition advisers; the research team; and the support team are ineligible to compete.

2. Please be aware that any submissions made will be analysed and will contribute to producing research outputs regarding the creation of decolonising urban spaces and employment of utopianism as a method.

3. The use of registration numbers should be used in place of entrant names on all work submitted if you wish to remain anonymous in the judging. However, we understand that your identities may be central to the way you interpret and respond to this challenge, therefore if you would like to forgo anonymity you will not be penalised.

4. Your name will not be used in the research, however attributes such as your age, ethnicity, location etc., will be analysed in conjunction with your submission material.

5. Your entry will not be considered if it contains anything which is offensive, hateful, racist, sexist, discriminatory, obscene, vulgar or in violation of local or international laws.

6. Feedback and findings will be released through our website www.idcities.co.nz

7. Competition winners will be contacted via email and/or telephone and will be announced on the website.

8. Should your submission win, you agree to your name and entry being publicized on the competition webpage and used in media releases.